I See You

 Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today is going to be a lovely day.

—– ✨☀️✨ —–


My eyes are open

I see more than you think

I see the world

The kindness

The love

I see the light and the dark

Both are beautiful

Everywhere I look

I see

Colours swirling throughout nature

Dark clouds

Bringing dancing storms

A deep blue ocean

A home to many

And just when you think I can’t see

I see more

I see the look in your eye

When you think no one’s looking

I see your heart

That you were on your sleeve

I see that you’re lonely

And feel invisible

But you’re not

Because I see

I see the difference you make

In other people’s lives

The kind words you use

Even though people are blind

I see you

In all the colours you live

And through all the love you share

I see a world

That should open their eyes

See the love that’s offered

And not be so blind

I see people

In need of so much

Yet they walk in circles

In a world out of touch

I see individuals

They’re bright like stars

I see showers fall from the sky

Consisting of broken hearts

I reach

I try to help

Though I’m not sure I do

No matter what happens

Just know that I see you

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Holly Rae Adair

6 thoughts on “I See You

  1. Good evening dear Jupiter Rose. I have one more short to complete and than I will try to finish my 200 page story, I wrote on the beach in Monterey in 1992. The Island and The Dark days of Texas took four years to receive a ending. I am retired now. No more excuses. I hope you keep writing.

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