This Halloween Is Going To Be Great

Good morning, everyone! Happy Thursday!

So, yesterday I was lucky enough to book my tickets back to Georgia and when I say Georgia, I mean the country Georgia overseas. That’s where my family is and that’s where I belong. I will be living there, until I can afford to go to Spain. I’ll still be online and my blog posts will come out every day, hopefully at the same time, if not they’ll still come out. I promise.

It’s a bit of a different life over there. For everyone who knows me I’m Canadian. Life in Georgia is a little different. Apartments are older, which I don’t mind. People hang their laundry from their balconies, you’ll see random clotheslines crossing main streets.

They have open air markets, and the food is usually cheaper at these markets, though they have grocery stores where you can find everything else you need. They have good food there. The vegetables and fruit are fresh.

Georgia’s currency is Gel or LAR. Canadian money is worth double and American money is worth triple.

Georgia is a poor country. The people are kind and family oriented. They are still at a point where they don’t know what to do with animals. There’s a lot of strays, thankfully the local vet helps keep them healthy and is trying to fix them all. We try to feed as many as possible. If my books ever skyrocket, I’m going to open an animal sanctuary and take them in and give them a forever home.

The kids in Georgia aren’t walking around with cell phones in their hands or sitting behind a video game, they’re outside playing soccer, or they sit at a table playing cards. At age 16 they are considered an adult.

I call Georgia the mini-America. It’s slowly growing. You can get the internet, cable, gas and their way of dressing is beginning to look more like America. They can get all the updated electronics but it’s nowhere near being what America is.

Georgia is a non-violent place. They used to be part of Russia, but have been on their own for over a decade. Most of the year the weather is in the 30s, you get a couple of months where it’s cooler and rainy. There is month of snow and ice in the winter.

I booked my ticket for the 29th of October it’ll take Me 2 days to get there.


The world is one huge playground
Where some play nice
And others don’t
People have their own thoughts
And they base everything that exists
On what they believe
What if you are wrong?
In everything you know
The world isn’t black and white
You bleed red just as any other being does
Yet you are more than another?
Success doesn’t determine who you are
It’s your heart who does
In this playground, we have built
Do you play nice?
You will not leave rich
Nor will they pat you on the back
Because you made lots of cash
Your praise will be because you gave a damn
You gave your heart
And you gave your time
To others who needed you
You were always true

Excerpt From
Poetry Frozen within a Battle of the Mind: For the Love of Words
N. B Nicholas
I used to write poetry under this pen name

7 thoughts on “This Halloween Is Going To Be Great

  1. I understand home, dear Jupiter Rose. I would love to visit the country Georgia. When I was station in Germany. Most of Europe was off-limit in 1976-1980. I am glad. You are almost home, my friend.

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