Haunt Me Forever

Good morning! Happy Friday!

What book genres do you enjoy reading?


I walk this earth

Searching for your soul

Its bright light

Lit like fire

It burns through the night

Waiting for me

Yet I am lost

I long

For the ghost you’ve become

Haunt me forever

Stay by my side

Be my light

For you are the only one I would follow

Hold my darkness close to your heart

Keep the rhythm of my beat

We can walk this earth together

Hand in hand

Your ghost and mine

Drawing the light from the sun

Being bright

Soaring through the white clouds

Beckoning Heaven to let us in

And when it turns us away

For the hundredth time

We’ll run this earth

Pounding our heels into the fresh soil

Swirling in the energy of our connected souls

Only stopping for second

To dance together beneath the bright moon

My wolf runs the dark paths

Next to your wolf

We will run together


No pain

No glory

Nothing but Love

Have a beautiful day.

I can’t read the signature on art but it was uploaded by Kirsty Lovell

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