Falling Into The Night

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Life is complicated and messy, but it’s also beautiful and full of love. We walk our paths, attempting to undo any damage from our path. Hoping we succeed. Sometimes our darkness is stronger than our light but without darkness light would never exist. In the end we will come out stronger than we ever imagined.


My grief


Falling into the night

It hits bottom

Flooding my mind with corrupt thoughts

Saturating my love with a dark sadness

I am

A twinkle lost in the shadows of life

A glimpse of hope

Hidden behind a wall

Of despair

A deep slumber

Absent from life itself

I dance

Alone beneath the moon

Holding out my hands

Praying what’s lost will be found

I cry

It seeps from my lips

Like a howl

Screaming a name

I thought I forgot

I laugh

But why

Could it be reality?

The cold hard truth of love


And subliminal thoughts

Sinking into my soul

The torched soul

Singes nothing

For it is a mock

Protection against others

It hides the light

That’s afraid to shine

It holds the truth

I’m not ready to see

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