The Souls That Surround Us

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today is a wonderful day. My PTSD is low.

Who is your favourite author?



I spin in circles

My world is dark like shadows in the night

I watch from the corner of my eye

I see you

But my darkness blinds you

I listen to the many souls

That haunts me daily

I weep at their feet

For their sorrow is strong

I steal their tears and plant kindness in its place

Whispers surround me

Rising high

Wrapping like Ivy around my ankles

Pulling me down with its heavy load

I scream but nothing seeps from my tightly clenched teeth

I struggle, but what for?


To live and breathe


The chains that hold me down

Are draped around my soul

My heart is free

yet it drowns in the past

The waves of yesterday smashing against what is

Knocking me down

Sinking my paper boat

I spiral into the ocean

Deep where no one else can see

★·.·´¯`·.·★ Jupiter Rose  ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Have a beautiful day. ❤️

Art by Princess of Ghouls, Livia Prima


#DarkFantasy #Paranormal #dystopian As mentioned before I added a new book to my #WIP list. I really enjoy having a variety to work on.


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