Seeing the world in a different way

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Today is wonderful. It started out a mess when our water heater broke and water flew everywhere. However, the sun has rose and it’s the perfect day for writing.





Entwined in light

Like barbwire

Tangled in my emotions

I rise

Lifting my eyes to the heavens

Where I soar daily

Absorbing the freedom

Like a bird

Each night I dance beneath the moon

Calling God

Asking for life

To return to this empty corpse

With that, I challenge my wolf

Each growl from her lips

Darker then my mind could go

I run by her side

Gripping her speed

Keeping her pace

Yet I’m slowed by my dragging feet

Buried to my knees in heavy sand

My wolfs digs deep freeing me from hell

She carries me to the highest mountain

Beneath the stars

Where we wait for God

To make me real

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

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