One Drop at a Time

Good morning! Happy Friday!

PTSD is tough to live with. However, there are ways to deal with it that will make life easier.

❄️ Blog about it

❄️ Walk your dog

❄️ Use the emotions in your books

❄️ Exercise

❄️ Talk about it

—(••÷[ Jupiter Rose  ]÷••)—


Moisture descends

From the sky one drop at a time

Until it becomes billions

Darkening the skies

Falling like tears from heaven

It’s the perfect day

To release the sorrow

That’s buried deep within

Then when you soul is emptied

And there is nothing left but joy

You splash in the puddles

And dance in the storm

🌧️ ☂️ 🌈

Artist ~ Bored Panda


Have a beautiful day. ❤

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