In My Dark Paradise

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

There are so many different holidays celebrated in December. Which one do you celebrate?

How do you celebrate the holiday?


The world has always been soaked in darkness. The trick to life is to look past the shadows and see the light. Remember that beauty lies in everything, including the dark. #quote 

Dark Paradise

I exist

In breath

In body and in mind

But do I stand among the living?

I swirl in darkness

I don’t know who’s side I’m on

Is it good?

Is it bad?

Am I a mirrored image of evil?

I whisper

But I’m alone in the shadows

Where is my sanity?

I call to it but there’s no echo

I cradle myself

Tight in a ball

I try to escape

Scratching at the walls

I want in

I want out

I can’t make up my mind

Every time I close my eyes

I’m there

In my dark paradise

Searching for freedom

I’m not blind

I can see

I stand by your side

But your not with me


Have a beautiful day.


Art by PSD Dude

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