About Jupiter Rose

True love waits for no one. They’ll fall from the heavens expecting you to catch them. Ride the trails to the moon & play hopscotch among the stars to find you. Open your heart to love & dance with the essence of each soul until you find that one.

Lover of words

Crescent moon
Sun with rays

I write because a passion burns deep inside me.

Love doesn’t come in one form. It’s built within your heart. You may only have one soulmate, but you’re built to love an army & love an army you shall; for by giving love you create a better world & become closer to the heavens & your soulmate shall weep at your kindness.
Writing hand

Animal lover/poet/artist/dreamer/beer drinking ~ girl next door

Love’s patient, it exists around each corner but could be disguised as an ordinary girl. Love’s gracious & kind yet isn’t willing to put its self out for just anything. Love awaits its soulmate & is willing to fly to the moon to get a glimpse of what’s to come.


Tears of a Cowgirl

Entangled in a dangerous web, she does everything she can to free herself and the little man they created. What happens when love takes a wrong turn and turns wicked?

Katherine Bell is a beautiful and intelligent woman whose dreams were simple. A family, true love and a perfect Christmas. She spent so many years with the man she thought she loved, then one day he changed.

Now, her life’s in danger, and she’s running blind. All she can think about is protecting her son from him. It’s a situation she never imagined and the battle she never saw coming.

She’s a fierce woman, and she’s ready for anything, but who’s protecting her heart?

Katherine sees Michael as just another threat, but he’s the one who will save her from herself. Without this city boy, their lives would never be the same, and with him, she gets a second chance at love and the perfect Christmas.