About Jupiter Rose

True love waits for no one. They’ll fall from the heavens expecting you to catch them. Ride the trails to the moon & play hopscotch among the stars to find you. Open your heart to love & dance with the essence of each soul until you find that one.

Lover of words

Crescent moon
Sun with rays

I write because a passion burns deep inside me.

Love doesn’t come in one form. It’s built within your heart. You may only have one soulmate, but you’re built to love an army & love an army you shall; for by giving love you create a better world & become closer to the heavens & your soulmate shall weep at your kindness.
Writing hand

Animal lover/poet/artist/dreamer/beer drinking ~ girl next door

Love’s patient, it exists around each corner but could be disguised as an ordinary girl. Love’s gracious & kind yet isn’t willing to put its self out for just anything. Love awaits its soulmate & is willing to fly to the moon to get a glimpse of what’s to come.


You are but a dream in my heart

A dream I believe

At night you are alive 

At least within my soul

We have travelled the world many times

In each and every dream

When I wake, I search for you

But you I never find

My heart is with you when you’re not here

I often wonder if you’re lost

Together we are one

But have we ever really met?

Our hopes for the future are just that

I need to know you believe

I keep you close day or night

You seem so damn far

Here I am all by myself

In reality, I don’t know myself at all

❤ Jupiter Rose

Tears of a Cowgirl

Love can be blind, even misleading, but love has never been so dangerous! It’s an emotional read that’ll have you holding your breath. If you enjoyed Safe Haven & Sleeping with the Enemy, you will enjoy this book.

Katherine’s a small-town girl. The day she met Chris, she fell in love; however, love can be deceiving; sometimes dangerous.

Their love appeared perfect, but then one day, he changed. Now, mother and child are on the run from her abusive spouse, at risk, caught in a battle of life or death.

Katherine gets trapped in the mountains with a handsome stranger, surviving an unexpected snowstorm with danger lurking nearby.

Romantic suspense that will leave you breathless!

Trigger warnings: abuse, stalking