You were meant to shine

What do you notice when you look at this?

I see the colours of the rainbow, a miracle beneath the clouds. I see the earth thriving to live to its fullest and succeeding. I see a lesson at hand…with all the earth has to put up with it still shines. 

Don’t let anyone put out your fire, you were meant to shine!

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The Shadows

The light sunk into the earth
Power rose as it did
Darkness stroked the minds of all
Then beckoned for the dead
I seized the moment to try to pray
But there was no answer there
An echo of the memories
Challenged my thoughts in despair
I wonder this earth in search of light
The shadows I ride
I am truly filled with kindness
But I hide that deep inside
In this dark world
Your heart must hide
An echo of time itself
I put my love and my dignity
Beneath satisfactions shelf
Here I am
I scream and yell
Nowhere am I heard
I fight the wickedness that surrounds
The darkness we call earth.

In the sky

Up in the sky

Watching us

Is the keeper of the stars

Searching for love

He holds us dear

And watches close

When love is near

He gives us a shove

Here we are

Beneath the earth’s light

Playing loves tune

Running through the night

Sending kisses

From the moon

Reminding us to be patient

For love will come soon

I am but a broken rose

Here I am a broken rose with nothing but these thorns

Never in my life have I ever wanted more.

I have the sun and the moon

But without you neither exist

My heart is in danger and my soul is at risk.

What could have been

What should have been

Echo in my heart

It’s been almost a year now

Since my love was pulled apart.

But every day and even when the moon falls

I can hear those words from your lips

My heartache hits the wall

Your love hunts me like a wolf

Chasing me down

With a hunger for love

Yet you’re nowhere around

What could have been

What should have been

Never will be

So, grab hold of this one track ride

And set my heart free

Night Fall

Night falls

The sun sleeps

My eyes close

Not a peep

I pray to God

Who’s by my side

To stay close

As my nightmares 

I ride

He holds my hand

He sings to me

He lights my night

So I can see

I am not alone

In the dark dream, I hold

I am warm in his arms

Fighting the cold

For You

I sit here and watch

As the world moves on

I slowly vanish

Each time I look 

As life walks by

I’m one with the earth

The earth is dying

So am I

I cry for the world

But they are deaf to my tears

I’m here still 

But soon will disappear

Do you hear me?

Or am I an echo of a cry

Do you stop?

Or walk on by

Good night sweet world

I will fight for you

For my heart, it beats

For you


There you stood

Your essence fills

My very soul

I hear you cry

Your deadly scream

Only to see you fall

I catch you

But you run away

Without a single word

You watch me

Here all alone

You truly seem absurd

I hear you

As your words escape

Into my desire

I see the world

We’ve created

And then I see a smile

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Akita just turned eighteen when destiny takes over. Now she travels the universe, expected to help others. The universe loses control; her destiny no longer exists. Secrets & lies divide while love conquers.

On second edit, one more to go after this.

Never Alone

Frank sat up in bed and peered out the window. He felt different this morning but wasn’t sure what it was that made it that way. The city was quiet at that time of the morning, and if you listened quietly, you could hear the pigeons cooing at the park across the street. Frank let out a sigh and reached over for his glass of water off the nightstand. “Good morning handsome,” said a voice. Frank turned quickly and looked around his room; he was alone last night as far as he could remember. “Hello?” Said frank in an unsure voice. “Don’t be startled, I won’t hurt you.” Frank jumped up from the bed and gazed around the room frantically. “Where are you and why are you in my room?” The voice let out a soft giggle, “I’m not in your room.”

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