Saturday July 17th

Good morning!

It’s bright and cool out. I’m awake, ready to write. The house is quiet, not the kind of silence that is comfortable. My family is 12000 miles away from me right now. It all happened due to covid, not the greatest topic but it happened non the less.

Covid gives me even more anxiety! It has taken my life and made it small. We all deal the best we can; some suffered more, but to each, the pain is different. I miss my family. I have not seen my kid in a year.

I have both shots now. Will I take off my mask, though? Not a chance!

How about you? How has covid affected your life?
I am off to write. Enjoy your day!

Universal love

They were each other’s world. In each touch, it felt as if their bodies lifted and floated among the stars.

quote by Jupiter Rose

artist unknown


What a day to start the day a coffee in hand. Three-quarters of the writers out there are inspired after drinking coffee. Perhaps it’s because they’re made by coffee, and it is the actual writer that resides in them.

quote by Jupiter Rose

artist unknown

Nothing greater

There is nothing greater than the gift of life, for how could one experience love without the breath we take. Each breath taken is a step closer to fate, with her being my chosen path. Her soul is a footprint of my destiny and her breath an echo of my heartbeat.”

Quote from Tears of a Cowgirl