Happy Holidays

I wish you a wonderful holiday & a beautiful day.

It’s a beautiful Wednesday.

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today is a wonderful.

Have a beautiful day.

“He’s evil and has no face. In my dream, death shadows him like a storm at sea. Sinking ships like a mighty hurricane.”

Excerpt From #quote
Genavine’s Faith: Left for dead

Unknown artist

Happy Tuesday

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Today is a beautiful day. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but I manage to write 4900 words this morning.

No poetry this morning, sorry. I don’t want to force it. Poetry is never the same when you do.

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success. 

James Cameron

I wanted to come on and wish you all a beautiful day.❤️🎄

Art by Penty Deval

You are more powerful than you ever knew.

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Today is about relaxation. How do you spend your Sunday?

— ❄️✨✴️✨❄️ —


You are powerful

More powerful then you ever knew

You run this earth

With me by your side

Telling me your darkest tales

In your heart

In your soul

I exist

Surrender your love

Give it to me

For we are one

Together we race across this earth

Our feet pounding against the heavy soil

Of a dark disloyal world


Art by IrenHorrors

Have a beautiful day. ❤

In My Dark Paradise

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

There are so many different holidays celebrated in December. Which one do you celebrate?

How do you celebrate the holiday?


The world has always been soaked in darkness. The trick to life is to look past the shadows and see the light. Remember that beauty lies in everything, including the dark. #quote 

Dark Paradise

I exist

In breath

In body and in mind

But do I stand among the living?

I swirl in darkness

I don’t know who’s side I’m on

Is it good?

Is it bad?

Am I a mirrored image of evil?

I whisper

But I’m alone in the shadows

Where is my sanity?

I call to it but there’s no echo

I cradle myself

Tight in a ball

I try to escape

Scratching at the walls

I want in

I want out

I can’t make up my mind

Every time I close my eyes

I’m there

In my dark paradise

Searching for freedom

I’m not blind

I can see

I stand by your side

But your not with me


Have a beautiful day.


Art by PSD Dude

One Drop at a Time

Good morning! Happy Friday!

PTSD is tough to live with. However, there are ways to deal with it that will make life easier.

❄️ Blog about it

❄️ Walk your dog

❄️ Use the emotions in your books

❄️ Exercise

❄️ Talk about it

—(••÷[ Jupiter Rose  ]÷••)—


Moisture descends

From the sky one drop at a time

Until it becomes billions

Darkening the skies

Falling like tears from heaven

It’s the perfect day

To release the sorrow

That’s buried deep within

Then when you soul is emptied

And there is nothing left but joy

You splash in the puddles

And dance in the storm

🌧️ ☂️ 🌈

Artist ~ Bored Panda


Have a beautiful day. ❤

Seeing the world in a different way

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

Today is wonderful. It started out a mess when our water heater broke and water flew everywhere. However, the sun has rose and it’s the perfect day for writing.





Entwined in light

Like barbwire

Tangled in my emotions

I rise

Lifting my eyes to the heavens

Where I soar daily

Absorbing the freedom

Like a bird

Each night I dance beneath the moon

Calling God

Asking for life

To return to this empty corpse

With that, I challenge my wolf

Each growl from her lips

Darker then my mind could go

I run by her side

Gripping her speed

Keeping her pace

Yet I’m slowed by my dragging feet

Buried to my knees in heavy sand

My wolfs digs deep freeing me from hell

She carries me to the highest mountain

Beneath the stars

Where we wait for God

To make me real

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

The Souls That Surround Us

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Today is a wonderful day. My PTSD is low.

Who is your favourite author?



I spin in circles

My world is dark like shadows in the night

I watch from the corner of my eye

I see you

But my darkness blinds you

I listen to the many souls

That haunts me daily

I weep at their feet

For their sorrow is strong

I steal their tears and plant kindness in its place

Whispers surround me

Rising high

Wrapping like Ivy around my ankles

Pulling me down with its heavy load

I scream but nothing seeps from my tightly clenched teeth

I struggle, but what for?


To live and breathe


The chains that hold me down

Are draped around my soul

My heart is free

yet it drowns in the past

The waves of yesterday smashing against what is

Knocking me down

Sinking my paper boat

I spiral into the ocean

Deep where no one else can see

★·.·´¯`·.·★ Jupiter Rose  ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Have a beautiful day. ❤️

Art by Princess of Ghouls, Livia Prima


#DarkFantasy #Paranormal #dystopian As mentioned before I added a new book to my #WIP list. I really enjoy having a variety to work on.


Beneath The Light Of The Moon

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

I’m back. Sorry about my absence. I hope you’re all doing good.



My dark beats like a drum

In rhythm with my heart

It feels strong

Like a breath taken

Once in

Then out

A life

I dare not part

My dark I crave

I call its name

I run its path

Pounding the ground

Until the soles of my feet bleed

I scream for freedom

Yet, it’s never near

My shaky breath exists

Within the light

My dark and I are one

My light exists in my heart

But my dark soul dances alone

Beneath the light of the moon

🌙 ⭐️

Image by

Carmen Lia

Have a beautiful day.

Is faith questionable?

Good morning! Happy Monday!

Some choose to have faith while others don’t. Do you think it’s important to have faith?


Someone somewhere knows something, but who? We have no proof only faith.

Do you have enough faith to get you through the tough times?


Have a beautiful day.