Power of Light

some where within

this heart I lay.

Am i awake or

is it fool’s paradise

an echoe of a holler

bellows back

mimicking my heart as it

pleads to the master

to abandon its chains.

among those with broken dreams,

Devowered into a missled world

love thats like a siv

and wicked thoughts

en-wrapped in fire….

slowley it draws you in

a longing to find a place

to hide….

echoes like a breath taken

on a cold day.

The grey surrounds,

overwhelming the streets

engulphing souls,

over powering the sun

creating withdrawl of light.

the clock ticks , but never stays.

An army of ignorance invades

driving your mind to the land of oz

and your body to the river of lust

then where is time?

among the streets catching the wind.

Does the master listen and reach out his love

will he carry my heart through the path of thorns

and keep it from drowning in the sorrow

from the throbs of other hearts.

Will he excuse what is only natural,

adapting to a world

that lacks a dawn

will he warm the hearts in those that have grown cold.

So while we engage

in shadows of the night

leaving time with no demand

The place i lay is filled with love

because i took a stand

I fought the battle, the masters hand i held

and because i loved with such belief

he caught me when i fell.

Although my chains

may hold me down

Give, and you will be forever and ever

above your grey surroundings in a world

saturated in light The golden crown

A quote from Tears of a Cowgirl

Title: Tears of a Cowgirl

Genre: Romantic suspense

length: 67000

Author: Jupiter Rose

Entangled in a dangerous web, she does everything she can to free herself. Her life’s in danger, and she’s running blind. Katherine sees Michael as just another threat, but he’s the one who will save her from herself. Without this city boy, their lives would never be the same, and with him, she gets a second chance at love.


“The sun was bright, and there was a gleam across the skyline that shimmered down upon the forest. The air was neither moist nor dry, which made it perfect for a relaxing day. Michael lived in LA mostly when he wasn’t travelling. It was sweltering there, but the air was a bit on the dry side. It is the kind of weather you don’t want to forget your suntan lotion in. He usually spent his winters in the Alps, but this year he thought it would be nice to write in the Colorado Mountains, Crash Falls, to be exact. Some folks back home had told him about the hiking and the beautiful views, creating the perfect painting within his mind. Crash Falls didn’t disappoint him, not one bit. Everything was perfect: especially Katherine Bell.

Michael stood, studying the view. He felt the inspiration rush through him. Everything about it spoke to him, talking about how glorious life was. Pulling out his recorder, he spoke into it as he thought of Katie.”

“Michael took a deep breath and continued down the path. He thought about writing a romance for his next book. Perhaps he would write about Katherine Bell; after all, she inspired his heart to beat.

Movement caught Michael’s attention; it was her. Katherine was out on one of the horses, riding the paths. Her hair flowing in the wind, and her body moving to the rhythm of the horse’s gallop. Michael’s heart pulsated hard. There was nothing sexier than a woman who was one with the earth. He stood breathless as she rode his way. What could he possibly say to a creature so beautiful?”

Excerpt From: Jupiter Rose. “Tears of a Cowgirl: Running from the devil.” iBooks. 

Excerpt from Rain of the Wolves

Excerpt from Rain of the Wolves

Brook reached down and ran her finger along Levi’s. “It does get easier, just so you know.” Levi nodded and took her hand, “I was more afraid that something would happen to you than brave. I saw you and that wolf, then it crossed my mind that I might lose you before I…” Brook looked at Levi, “Before you what? You’re not alone, Levi; I feel it too. Wolves only fall in love once, and when they do, it’s for life.”

Her Love

She is like the wind whisking through the sky, a single tear in a poor man’s eye. A quiver in time as it ripples. A passage through life, a feeling of love. Her heart is like a flowing river, never settling and full. My soul it feeds off the energy of her love as she lingers in the golden sun.

~Tears of a Cowgirl