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Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

Rain of the Wolves #fantasy #action #adventure #supernatural

It began with a reoccurring nightmare about a black wolf.That was when the mystery began. Odd things began to happen.
Then one day, she vanished. Thrown into a parallel world, she soon discovers the truth about herself and the secrets and lies the universe holds.
Hunted by the darkness Akita searches for the truth. However, she may not like what she finds.

It’s a paranormal adventure you don’t want to miss.

Tears of a Cowgirl #Romanticsuspense

Love can be blind, even misleading, but love has never been so dangerous! It’s an emotional read that’ll have you holding your breath. If you enjoyed Safe Haven & Sleeping with the Enemy, you will enjoy this book.

Katherine’s a small-town girl. The day she met Chris, she fell in love; however, love can be deceiving; sometimes dangerous.

Their love appeared perfect, but then one day, he changed. Now, mother and child are on the run from her abusive spouse, at risk, caught in a battle of life or death.

Katherine gets trapped in the mountains with a handsome stranger, surviving an unexpected snowstorm with danger lurking nearby.

Romantic suspense that will leave you breathless!

Trigger warnings: abuse, stalking

The Missing Pieces of Teravaza #scifi #dystopian #aliens #romance #drama #suspense

It began one sunny day when twenty-four entered a survival contest. It was supposed to be simple, survive six months on an abandoned island and you win, but soon they discover the dangers that hide in the shadows. To make it worse they lose contact with the mainland.


Genavine’s Faith #paranormal #supernatural #dystopian #romance #drama


Now a leader, war is all she knows. However, life had taken a swing for the worse. Secrets are rising, and untold truths are unfolding.

Her faith has faded, and darkness is taking over. Gena fights to discover the truth, opening doors that can’t be shut.

When a new battle begins between Heaven and Hell, Gena learns who she is and that there’s a darkness rising within. Is she afraid of the dark?

What if the monsters inside her were set free? How safe would this world be, then?

New dangers rise in the shadows of hope. Will they be the end of her or is she their greatest threat?

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting more.


Poetry collection #Poetry

Have a great day. ❤

((Friday’s Post books being written))

I Am Both

Good morning beautiful people. Happy Friday! Today is a beautiful day. I woke at midnight. Yes, much earlier than normal. That’s okay I can always take a nap in my writing chair. I have a a comfortable recliner.

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately. I really love this new selection of books I’m writing. I have added a lot of myself and it feels right. I write from my soul and it flows like a waterfall. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

I plan on writing all day. I spent the few weeks doing nothing but editing Genavine’s Faith and I miss writing. So with that said my pen is calling. XOXOX

What book genre is your favourite?

Today’s poem is about walking the line.


The sky lights like a rainbow

Colours drip from the painted azure

Falling to the Earth

Where I lie

Watching it happen

Wishing I was part of the miracle

But my darkness drifts

Circling my aura

Strangling my spirit

Warning off the light

I smile

I sing

I steal my next breath

Ignoring my blackened energy

Taking control over what’s mine

I dance beneath the colours

Absorbing its desire

Feeling its sexual passion climb my spine

I twirl

And spin

I ride the waves

In the ocean of stars

I grip the moon’s light

Making it my own

I am a thief of many

I take love where I can find it

I share a breath for those who can’t breathe

I take ones soul without permission and lift it to the sky

Where I may never walk

I watch as others dream

Walking their path



With others by their side

I swim in a pool of green

But understand that the black is my waterfall

I may not have chose it

But it is faithful

And behind each shadow light exists

And though I walk the dark path

The two are one

Together they create the shadows I roam

Have a beautiful day. ❤

Unknown artist

The Trails Cold

Good morning! Happy Monday! Today I’m on the go plenty to do. I want to try to get an hour of writing in before I do anything. I find it is not only my passion but it’s great therapy. When you have something on your mind or suffer from anxiety or PTSD it is a good way to calm it. Have a beautiful day. I pray the blessings come you way.

Going to leave you with a quote from one of the books I’m writing. Terror In the Shadows. Pens calling XOXOX

About the story:

#Occult #Detective #Mystery #Suspense #Romance The trail’s cold, but not for long. Sarah spoke of secrets & warned them of the danger coming for her. Is it too late? Silverton’s on the case, but someone or something is lurking in the shadows. #ComingSoon #darkfantasy


While summoning the gods, the murkiest skies rolled in. whispering grim threats of a cruel night. The gods were merciful, but mother nature often flew into violent rages, torturing the deep grey heavens in a pitless nightmare that was not only frightening but breathtaking.

Meet Kelsey from Terror in the Shadows.

  • Witch
  • Dark
  • Sassy
  • Fun
  • Glamorous
  • Vindictive
  • Materialistic
  • Gifted
  • Temperamental
  • Psychic
Coming soon

A Quote From My Heart For You

Good morning! Today is a beautiful day, but I’m not feeling well. I hope to feel better as the day goes on. I wanted to come on and wish you all a beautiful day. ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

These quotes are from an upcoming book of mine. #Romanticsuspense

“Dammit,” she muttered, staring at the heavens. Not fair, God! Justice glanced at Storm. “Where are the chains?” Storm growled. “What chains? Darling, I did my time. I’m a free man.” Justice burst into laughter. “I find it hard to believe they let guys like you roam free.” #Quote

You were meant to shine

What do you notice when you look at this?

I see the colours of the rainbow, a miracle beneath the clouds. I see the earth thriving to live to its fullest and succeeding. I see a lesson at hand…with all the earth has to put up with it still shines. 

Don’t let anyone put out your fire, you were meant to shine!

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Her Love

She is like the wind whisking through the sky, a single tear in a poor man’s eye. A quiver in time as it ripples. A passage through life, a feeling of love. Her heart is like a flowing river, never settling and full. My soul it feeds off the energy of her love as she lingers in the golden sun.

~Tears of a Cowgirl