Cry For Us

Good morning! Happy Friday. ❤

Pain’s real, whether it’s physical or emotional. It doesn’t choose a race, a gender, an age or whether someone can handle it or not. It just is! Be there for others, share your love. Care, listen and take a hand. We all matter! You matter to me. #Kindness is free, give it away like it’s your last day on earth; for tomorrow doesn’t exist.


What do you do when there’s no time left?

I open my eyes

And your gone

My heart ceases

Time stops

All I hear is the ticking of the clock

I scream

But it’s silent

I tear at the walls

But they’re made of steal

Tears fall

Flooding my world

I drift in a boat

Made of paper

I sink to the bottom of the sea

And drown in sorrow

My tears are for you

My agony for me

My power has vanished

Is it gone?

I swim toward the light

Taking a breath

Gripping hope by the threads

That dangle from the heavens

I swing from the stars

Tasting reality

Searching for faith

While reaching for tomorrow

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

This Girl Is Dancing In The Clouds

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Today I’m releasing Genavine’s Faith. I have worked so hard to get it ready and my heart is pounding. It will be available by 11:59 tonight.


It began with the government abandoning them, leaving them for dead.

Now a leader, war is all she knows. However, life had taken a swing for the worse. Secrets are rising, and untold truths are unfolding.

Her faith has faded, and darkness is taking over. Gena fights to discover the truth, opening doors that can’t be shut.

Gena learns who she is and that there’s a darkness rising within. Is she afraid of the dark? 

What if the monsters inside her were set free? How safe would this world be, then?

New dangers rise in the shadows of hope. Will they be the end of her, or is she their greatest threat?

I always wanted to write my life story. However, it was too painful, even for words. Genavine’s Faith is a painted version of my life in metaphors.

 With it, I was able to put my emotions, my darkness, my light, and my enemy onto paper, where it comes alive once more.

J Rose

Let Them Fly

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

It’s a wonderful day. I’m up before the sunrise and that’s fantastic. I dislike rising late, it always feels like half my day’s gone. Today I’m starting stage 3 in the release of Genavine’s Faith. So excited! It won’t be long now. I really miss writing. I have been so busy editing, and formatting. On top of it all I’ve been sick.

Okay, my mom always taught me if you have nothing to say don’t say anything. Well, I am more of a story teller and a poet. I’ll always have something to say within my words. In it you’ll see my emotions, my thoughts in life and my view of the world. My pen is calling. I hate keeping it waiting. XOXOX


Trapped in her own mind

Unable to soar

Missing the azure

Where she was always felt like more

It was her and freedom

Singing beneath the heavens

Diving in and out of the soft clouds

Drifting over the calm, cool earth

Open up

Let me free

Let me fly

For being trapped is killing me

I need to escape

This dark grey

I need to ride that crazy train

I want to be in the sky… high

Like I’m climbing a mountain

Ready to dive

I need to fly like a bird

Be free like the wind

And shine like the sun on a hot summer day

I want to run

My feet pounding against the earth

With wings… golden

And flames reaching for the heavens

I can rise

I can fly

I am a wolf with wings

I am a wolf with love

Don’t keep me locked up

I’ll die

Have a beautiful day.

Art is not my own (Can’t quite read the name on the image)

Love Is The Cure To Most Of Life’s Woes

Good morning! Happy Tuesday! The sun is rising and the sky is clear, let’s hope it stays that way though this part of the world needs rain.

Today I’m doing stage two in the release of Genavine’s Faith. It’s going well and the book looks fantastic. My pen’s calling and I am running towards it with a giant smile. I’ll leave you with a #Tuesdaythought and a poem. XOXOX

If I could see from the eyes of a bird, I would travel the world afar. I would race to the highest part of the land and live in the wild. Imagine the freedom they feel. Wouldn’t it be nice?



Have you ever thought about magic

And how it’s the centre of this universe

There are no answers

No stepping stones to the bold truth

Just a mystical existance

In this world of wonder

When you look around what do you see?

Swirling colours

A light brighter than the sun

Can you see the love that holds this world together?

It’s colourful, like love should be

As love is not just black and white

It is what you make it

It’s beautiful

And free

I know some are afraid to love, for the pain can be unbearable

But it is more horrific to never have loved or be loved at all.

Give love

Be love

And shine for others

So that no one is lost in the dark.

Have a beautiful day.

Artist unknown

Saturated Beauty

Good morning! Happy Monday! Motivation is difficult to find today. I feel like the sloth crossing the road but it’ll come to me once I wake properly. ((And through lots of coffee))

Today I’m doing formatting for Genavine’s Faith. I put it through three stages. My edits are done but I don’t 100% trust my spelling due that I’m dyslexic so I run it through a program for that chapter by chapter. Then I need to take it and place it all together on one document and format it. My beta reader has sent me anything she found so that is my last step before setting up the book.

No pen for me today, no writing just formatting. I really want to release my book and I am very excited about it. Have a beautiful day. XOXOX ❤

By Jupiter Rose
By Jupiter Rose

Beautifully Broken

Good morning! Happy Sunday! May all the blessings of the day be yours for the taking.

Much love! I am going to write, my pen is calling me. (You know I can’t resist the pen) XOXOX


I’m here

I walk the light

I walk the dark

I speak the truth

Am I heard

I may be invisible

But I shine in the shadows

You call hope

I bleed red

Like you

I breathe this air

I race this earth

I care

I have scars deeper than the ocean

I carry bags that weigh two tons

I climb each mountain carrying them

Refusing to drop a single one

I reach for you

I call you friend

Can you see me

I won’t let you fall

I carry your pain

In my heart

And though it’s broken

There’s room for you

I trail the light

Will you walk with me

Or do my shady thoughts scare you

Have a beautiful day.

Art by Requiem by Lady-Symphonia on DeviantArt

When Life Is Grim Watch The SunRise

Good morning! Happy Saturday! It’s raining today. It hasn’t rained in so long.I think the last time was 3 weeks before the heatwave. Which is odd since it always rains here.I found out I’m sick yesterday we don’t know if it’s permanent or if it can be fixed yet. They want to do more tests, this time for micro anemia & acute inflammation. (chronic disease) **Ugh** Seems never ending, I’m a bit worried since my family is so far away.

Anyway… life is what it is and we can’t change it so we accept it, right? It explains why I had so many issues getting out of bed this morning.

Two #quotes I wrote.

I sit beneath the sun, hiding in my shadows. I beckon for his warmth, for it is cold here alone. I whisper love, but darkness grips my tongue. I hold your hand, but you shiver. For now, I try, yet tomorrow I will succeed.


Dark clouds linger yet I see the light. Its force beckons me, I’m weak. I conger the strength & reach, I fall. I spiral until I realize I have wings. Dark feathers coat them, but with them, I hold the ability to soar & change my path. My passion & love will paint my soul.

Unknown artist

Ride That Dark Horse Into The Light

Good morning! Happy Friday! Doesn’t it always seem like it’s Friday? Today, I’m recovering from an allergy attack. Rest and writing, with a lot of coffee on the side.

I wish you a blessed day & may all you do be successful. Life is beautiful.

And if I haven’t told you today… you rock!!


My MC loves me

Genavine: Why are you so lazy? I’ve been waiting for days.

Me: Not now, Gena. I need coffee.

Genavine: Just tell me where I’m going. I’ll do it myself.

Me: **growls** picks up pen & writes. A vicious storm brews. Gena goes back to bed. Me: Smiles & gets coffee.

J Rose


The dark horse rises

Its broken spirit

Runs the Earth

Its chiselled bones

Considered the jewels of the night

Risen from hell

Carrying the flames of the tortured souls

Only to walk the stone trail

Through the golden stars

Beckoning heaven to open its mighty doors

It’s steel skull

Tougher than nails

It’s heart brighter

Than the lit moon

Fire shines through its eyes

Its breath, like brimstone

With power behind each step it takes

Surging towards its goal

Soaring through the skies

Like a rainbow of treasures

In its new world of uncharted land

With concealed truth

It being the key

To the worlds darkest secrets

Have a beautiful day.

Take a second and appreciate this artists work. ❤

Art by Dark Unicorn, Sarah Richter

One Dark One Light

Good morning! Happy Thursday! Today I’m writing undisturbed. Got the coffee on and my phone off the hook. My pen is calling. Somedays it is bountiful and you have to go with the flow. I hope you have a beautiful day. XOXOX


The struggle’s real

When the love’s there

You live with both

The perfect pair

I hear a growl

As I feed the light

I offer the darkness comfort

I offer it my fight

I dance with the light

Taunting the shadows

Lifting my eyes to the moon

Each star is a glitter of hope

As the night holds my dark

Trailing the blackened smoke

With power it holds me

Telling me no

I shake it off

I say it isn’t so

Tonight I feed you both

I give you my heart

My soul will twist

Among the golden stars

Climbing them like stepping stones to heaven

Where my darkness will meet my light

There, they will become one

Art by lora-zombie on DeviantArt

An Echo Of Goodbye

A sweet, good morning to you all! Happy Wednesday!



Each and everyday

I see you

We were one

Until we were not

Now your gone

I miss you

I search for you

Down this lonely trail

We danced many nights

Beneath the flashing stars

Twirling in the moon’s bright light

You knew my secrets

You felt my heartbeat

We walked this Earth with confidence at our side

Now your gone

I’m lost

I can’t think

I don’t know who I am

The shadows are empty

The sun doesn’t shine on me

I can’t think since you left

I try

And I know I should

Yet my insides shiver and shake

To find you I must look inside

For I am who’s missing

It’s I that can’t see

I climb, then I fall

Wondering if I ever knew myself at all.

Art by Nicole Altenhoff (Mohn-blume in Deviantart)