Beneath The Light Of The Moon

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I’m back. Sorry about my absence. I hope you’re all doing good.



My dark beats like a drum

In rhythm with my heart

It feels strong

Like a breath taken

Once in

Then out

A life

I dare not part

My dark I crave

I call its name

I run its path

Pounding the ground

Until the soles of my feet bleed

I scream for freedom

Yet, it’s never near

My shaky breath exists

Within the light

My dark and I are one

My light exists in my heart

But my dark soul dances alone

Beneath the light of the moon

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Carmen Lia

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Is faith questionable?

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Some choose to have faith while others don’t. Do you think it’s important to have faith?


Someone somewhere knows something, but who? We have no proof only faith.

Do you have enough faith to get you through the tough times?


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Let Them Fly

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Is there a particular author you would like to meet in real life?


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Dark or light, kindness rises from my heart, and with each breath, it beats for you.

J Rose


Falling Into The Night

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Life is complicated and messy, but it’s also beautiful and full of love. We walk our paths, attempting to undo any damage from our path. Hoping we succeed. Sometimes our darkness is stronger than our light but without darkness light would never exist. In the end we will come out stronger than we ever imagined.


My grief


Falling into the night

It hits bottom

Flooding my mind with corrupt thoughts

Saturating my love with a dark sadness

I am

A twinkle lost in the shadows of life

A glimpse of hope

Hidden behind a wall

Of despair

A deep slumber

Absent from life itself

I dance

Alone beneath the moon

Holding out my hands

Praying what’s lost will be found

I cry

It seeps from my lips

Like a howl

Screaming a name

I thought I forgot

I laugh

But why

Could it be reality?

The cold hard truth of love


And subliminal thoughts

Sinking into my soul

The torched soul

Singes nothing

For it is a mock

Protection against others

It hides the light

That’s afraid to shine

It holds the truth

I’m not ready to see

Colourful Days Dark Nights

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I’m Thinking about starting a vlog on YouTube. Do you watch Vlogs?

Life is Beautiful

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

I’m back ❤

Books Being Written

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Theses are the titles I’m currently working on.

A quote I liked and thought I’d share.
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#fantasy #romance #paranormal #supernatural #action #adventure
#Scifi #dystopian
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#darkfantasy #romance #suspense #supernatural #paranormal

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Books I Have Written

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Rain of the Wolves #fantasy #action #adventure #supernatural

It began with a reoccurring nightmare about a black wolf.That was when the mystery began. Odd things began to happen.
Then one day, she vanished. Thrown into a parallel world, she soon discovers the truth about herself and the secrets and lies the universe holds.
Hunted by the darkness Akita searches for the truth. However, she may not like what she finds.

It’s a paranormal adventure you don’t want to miss.

Tears of a Cowgirl #Romanticsuspense

Love can be blind, even misleading, but love has never been so dangerous! It’s an emotional read that’ll have you holding your breath. If you enjoyed Safe Haven & Sleeping with the Enemy, you will enjoy this book.

Katherine’s a small-town girl. The day she met Chris, she fell in love; however, love can be deceiving; sometimes dangerous.

Their love appeared perfect, but then one day, he changed. Now, mother and child are on the run from her abusive spouse, at risk, caught in a battle of life or death.

Katherine gets trapped in the mountains with a handsome stranger, surviving an unexpected snowstorm with danger lurking nearby.

Romantic suspense that will leave you breathless!

Trigger warnings: abuse, stalking

The Missing Pieces of Teravaza #scifi #dystopian #aliens #romance #drama #suspense

It began one sunny day when twenty-four entered a survival contest. It was supposed to be simple, survive six months on an abandoned island and you win, but soon they discover the dangers that hide in the shadows. To make it worse they lose contact with the mainland.


Genavine’s Faith #paranormal #supernatural #dystopian #romance #drama


Now a leader, war is all she knows. However, life had taken a swing for the worse. Secrets are rising, and untold truths are unfolding.

Her faith has faded, and darkness is taking over. Gena fights to discover the truth, opening doors that can’t be shut.

When a new battle begins between Heaven and Hell, Gena learns who she is and that there’s a darkness rising within. Is she afraid of the dark?

What if the monsters inside her were set free? How safe would this world be, then?

New dangers rise in the shadows of hope. Will they be the end of her or is she their greatest threat?

It will keep you on the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting more.


Poetry collection #Poetry

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For You I Will

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

Today is going to be a lovely day. I plan on dong a bit of packing, then I’m going to watch a movie while writing. If I get a chance I’ll spend the morning talking to my son. ☀️


Does anyone actually read my blog? If you read it say hi.


I’m here

But do I exist

Can you see me

Or are we walking blind

I live

I breathe

But my world is silent

I walk alone

I carry your heart

I can feel its beat

Do you miss it

Can you feel it

I search this land

Hoping to find you

To hand your beating heart

Back to you

So you can live

And breathe like me


Maybe you will see

The love I have

In my heart

And you can be free

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

Haunt Me Forever

Good morning! Happy Friday!

What book genres do you enjoy reading?


I walk this earth

Searching for your soul

Its bright light

Lit like fire

It burns through the night

Waiting for me

Yet I am lost

I long

For the ghost you’ve become

Haunt me forever

Stay by my side

Be my light

For you are the only one I would follow

Hold my darkness close to your heart

Keep the rhythm of my beat

We can walk this earth together

Hand in hand

Your ghost and mine

Drawing the light from the sun

Being bright

Soaring through the white clouds

Beckoning Heaven to let us in

And when it turns us away

For the hundredth time

We’ll run this earth

Pounding our heels into the fresh soil

Swirling in the energy of our connected souls

Only stopping for second

To dance together beneath the bright moon

My wolf runs the dark paths

Next to your wolf

We will run together


No pain

No glory

Nothing but Love

Have a beautiful day.

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