Without A Goodbye

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

Today is about relaxing. Remembering to laugh, love and live. I lost my friend at the beginning of #covid.

Today’s poem is for her.


One day

You just appeared in my life

We talked throughout the day

Then all night

You made me laugh

We smiled

It just happened

Our souls connected

We became friends

You were my voice of reason

And over time

You became my best friend

Throughout the years

It was you

That got me through the rocky days

Reminding me that life was grand

And it was I that stood by your side

And brought you peace of mind

When life’s troubles brewed inside your head

It was perfect

We were two peas in a pod

Ready to take on the world

We were never alone

We had plans

Life was good

Then one day I woke

With words of your passing

The angels took you

Without warning

I never got to say goodbye

I stood there empty


And confused

It still doesn’t feel real

Nor is it right

I miss you, my friend

You will always be in my heart

Even though you’re out of sight

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

What A Beautiful Day

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

It’s beautiful out. I hope your day is filled with love, happiness, and success.


In this life

I seek light

I curl up in my dark

Wanting to be a kinder soul

To share my heart

With those who need it

To walk a brighter path

And though I dangle beneath the moon

I should dance beneath the sun

In its bright light

I will rise

Seeking freedom

I should walk by the sea

And taste the salty air

Twirling to the beat

As the waves hit the shore

I should take that deep breath

And grasp hope

In my heart

For now, I wait

I should hold on to faith

And climb that tangled rope

To the brightest star that lights our night

But I’m tired

For now, I sleep

I should fly

Through the sky

To the burning fire that ignites our day

Yet today I won’t

I am sitting in the dark

Waiting for my day

Curled up in my shadow

I stay

Have a beautiful day.

Hunting Freedom

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Things are back to normal today. Which I must say I am very #thankful for. It’s been a rough week, but I survived.

A quote I wrote:

I lay counting the stars One, two, three… four billion and five. There is one for each time I thought of you

Jupiter Rose


When darkness falls

I see the light

I stumble toward it

Falling to my knees

Thankful for the chance

To rise within

I stand

Shifting to my wolf

Sharing the beauty of the day

Allowing her the freedom

Her heart seeks

We run

Pounding the earth with each step

Capturing the sun in our hearts

The wind in our face

Allowing us to soar

Like the birds in the sky

They watch us with envy in their eyes

Life is beautiful

Even on the days

Where the light shines so little

I will always search

For that taste of freedom

For myself

My wolf

And anyone who needs it

I am an open heart

Shining for you

Sharing love

Hunting freedom

Unknown photographer

Running Late And Moving Like A Sloth

Good morning! Happy Thursday!

I’m late this morning. ((Moving like a sloth)) I was finally able to fall asleep around 9 PM last night. It felt like forever. I had three hours Saturday night, and that’s it.

I went to the doctor yesterday. They put me on new meds for my PTSD. One day on them, and I feel worse. They take 6 weeks to kick in, but the headaches are horrible, and I can’t think at all on them. I don’t think I’ll be taking this long.

With that said, I am going to post a poem I wrote a while back. Have a beautiful day.

The Tale Of The Raven

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!

It’s been two days since I slept. Last night, I had a panic attack for nearly five hours; it still hasn’t stopped. I have an allergy to chemicals. I have been chemical-free for six months, and my anxiety has subsided. I’m now left wondering if they’re related. I have been drinking a new coffee cream with flavour. (chemicals) I need to stop drinking it and see if this goes away.

XOV – Angels Calling (In case you want to check it out.)


In the darkness of the light

He flies between shadows

Sounding his cry

Yelling to the world

That he exists

He is the in-between

The messenger from light and dark

His thoughts are kind

His feathers black

He tells the story

Of what he saw

But nobody listens

He warns them

One by one

He screams

Chanting the horror

His eyes saddened

His heart shaking in fear

Yet closed minds laugh

He flies tree to tree

Waiting for time

For when the darkness falls

Let it be known

You were warned

Have a beautiful day.

Unknown artist

The Fight

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

I woke up with PTSD again… I can’t shake it. They say it’s okay to not be okay, but I don’t know how to deal with it anymore. There comes a point when you get tired of fighting. Strength becomes just a word and light is something you’ve forgotten.

I think I might need to head back home early. It’s much easier to deal with it when I’m not alone.


I wake to the moon

I crawl from my bed

I scream as I fall

But I’m alone

I see the dark man watching me

His darkness dancing in the shadows

Haunting my nights

Taunting my days

Singing out my name

Like it’s sweet and lustful

I can feel his reach

His cold touch

Trailing my warm flesh

Against my heart that used to beat

Strangling me

As he wraps his snake-like body around my throat

Stealing the very breath I take

I struggle

I gasp for air

I choke

His dark eyes

Staring into my soul

Burning my desire

Tearing at my thoughts

My dreams

My desires

Lapping up the light

Leaving me in pure darkness

Even the shadows cry at his presence

I hear an echo of what used to be

I want it back

I need it to be real

I yell, but nothing seeps from my broken lips

I am silent, but inside I bleed

As I transition from life to death

Have a beautiful day.

A Glimpse Of Light

Good morning! Happy Monday!

I feel much better than I did. I’m sure it was only the twenty-four-hour flu. Today my topic is writing. How I got into it, and what I write.

I have been a poet my entire life but never gave it much thought. I wrote for me. I had books full of it, but over the years they were stolen. I never understood why someone would steal something so personal, but I do now.

Most people who write dream of being a #writer. Growing up I didn’t have time to dream. When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said #free. People who never experienced abuse or trauma wouldn’t understand that, but in a world of dark, there is nothing that beats a glimpse of light.

My first thought of writing came seven years ago. I didn’t do much with that thought. I used that time to teach myself the things I needed to know. The important stuff that would guide me. Then in 2020, I started to write. Even then, writing wasn’t 100% my dream.

One night I went to bed, and all I dreamt about was writing. In my mind, I saw what it could be and where the words could take me. I woke with that dream on the tip of my tongue, and I haven’t looked back since. I fell in #love with writing that night. That was at the beginning of 2021.

So here I am, writing full-length novels and books of poetry. I am a multi-genre, clean romance writer.


A pen at hand

Tightly wrapped within my fingers

Thoughts draining onto the paper

Not in ink

But by blood

Somedays I write

Yet on others, I am pushed aside

Those days

My monster’s in control

With a coffee by her side, she attacks the paper


Dark words

Wrap themselves around my tongue

Salty and lustful

They taste like melting chocolate

Hitting each taste bud for the first time

It’s like

That morning coffee that hits you

Like a volcano

Exploding in your mind

Striking hard

With the sensation of love



Twisted with chaos

The words bring me to life

I am a writer

I breathe these words

They are my glimpse of light

Have a beautiful day.

One Of Those Days

Good morning! Happy Sunday!

This girl is sick today. I’m going to curl up in my blanket and sleep. I just wanted to come on and wish you a beautiful day.

Below are some covers of my recent and current reads.


All genres

My current WIPS

Have a beautiful day.

Swirling Colours Surround us

Good morning! Happy Saturday!

It’s 5:30 AM. I had trouble getting out of bed. (LOL) I had marketing dreams all night. Do you ever have dreams where you work all night?

It’s exhausting; my mind doesn’t rest. I suffer from extreme sleep inertia, and that’s when my PTSD hits me. My mind is at its weakest point.

I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. I don’t know if you can remember your dreams when you sleep. I do, and I dream all night. Did you know the longer you sleep the more melatonin is in your mind? The cause of sleep inertia is due to waking up in the middle of stage 3 sleep. Those days take lots of coffee to wake. 😂😅🤣


Colours swirling upon the earth

Seeping into our souls




Celebrating death

Preparing for Earth’s deep slumber

Frigid days

And a blanket of white

Frozen in time





Even months

Ice cold nights

Shivering bones

Craving the sun

Have a beautiful day.

When Life Changes Unexpectedly

Good morning! Happy Friday!

Today’s going to be a good day. I’m determined to make it the best Friday ever. The sun hasn’t risen yet. The moon still lingers in the dark sky. I can’t see it, but around 4:30 AM, it will be in front of my window if it’s not too cloudy.

Life has its own way of getting things done. I won’t pretend to understand, nor am I happy when it doesn’t go my way. However, I go with the flow and do my best. What else can I do?

I live in BC Canada. My family is overseas in a small country called Georgia. We got separated during covid. It’s been over two years since they have been back to Canada. Life keeps getting in the way.

  • Cost of flight
  • Pets
  • Housing
  • Passport issues
  • Health
  • Covid

I’ve been here by myself without them. It’s hard. I’m watching my kid grow up on the other side of the world… without me. My family means the world to me. I feel lost without them. Which doesn’t help my #PTSD. Plus, my emotional support dog for my PTSD is with them. (Not helping me much at this time) So I have decided that at the end of the year if I can raise the money I will go to Georgia. (To stay)

Life is what it is. When life hands you lemons, turn them into limes.


My wolves exist

My dark and light

They walk by my side

Yet they’re far away

We’re together

In my heart

But not in sight

I ache

I cry

Agony tears my soul apart

As I hunt

And run through each night

Searching for a way

To be by their side

A silent scream explodes

Behind my shivering lips

As I realize life has me trapped

I’m in a paper boat

Sinking in the middle of the sea

By myself


Without them by my side

I take a breath

Drowning in the sorrow

My dark has created

I hold my light

High in the sly

Hoping it will guide me as I fall

When I land

I pray it’s somewhere safe

And with a running start

I’ll hunt again

Repeatedly until I find them

For this heart is broken

I will never give up

My wolves howl

I will answer them

Even if it’s with my last breath

Have a beautiful day.

Photo by aytim