Never Alone

Frank sat up in bed and peered out the window. He felt different this morning but wasn’t sure what it was that made it that way. The city was quiet at that time of the morning, and if you listened quietly, you could hear the pigeons cooing at the park across the street. Frank let out a sigh and reached over for his glass of water off the nightstand. “Good morning handsome,” said a voice. Frank turned quickly and looked around his room; he was alone last night as far as he could remember. “Hello?” Said frank in an unsure voice. “Don’t be startled, I won’t hurt you.” Frank jumped up from the bed and gazed around the room frantically. “Where are you and why are you in my room?” The voice let out a soft giggle, “I’m not in your room.”

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The night was cold and dark. The air was filled with a thick white fog; only the moon lit the way. Franklin checked his watch and then peered down the dark path; he had heard the rumours about being out this late. Someone or something wandered the streets, and those who were caught out never made it home. Sometimes a body would be found, but others just disappeared, never to be seen again. Franklin tried his best to creep down the path without making a sound; his heart thrashed against his chest with every moment. His breath grew shallow as panic continued to build in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to run but was scared that he might alert someone that he was there. Franklin stopped and listened as he heard something coming up from behind him. The panic rose; filling his chest. Should he run and try to make it to safety? After all, it was just a rumour, but what if it wasn’t and something was out there.

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The sky lit up and shone down onto the field where the woman laid, the lights so bright they could be seen for miles. Hailey lifted her head and looked up at the source of the light, her eyes widening as tears fell from her gentle eyes. “What is this?” she sobbed. Her heart beating heavy against her chest and her body shaking in fear, she asked once again. “What’s happening?” A figure appeared from the light and stood in front of the mortal woman. Her eyes lit up as she lifted her head and saw a beautiful angel standing before her. The angel smiled; offered the lady her hand, then without a second thought, they both disappeared.

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