Uggh It’s Monday Again

Good morning!

First, let me start by telling you I saw the sun this morning, it didn’t last long, but it showed its bright head. It’s a rare occurrence. As you might be able to tell, I’m a sunshine kind of gal.

My sleep is off, I wake to any noise, and the walls are thin. It’s great for the writing as I’m awake a lot. It’s nothing new, though; I’ve been like that my entire life.

They say most writers don’t sleep well. They’re primarily introverts and view the world differently.

Is this true? Do you agree?

I’ve been in a tossup lately. I want to settle down, and Powell River is beautiful. I thought about buying a house and I will. However, I have travelled my entire life, and it’s not easy to let that go. I see planes flying overhead and think of road trips or touring different countries, and my heart bleeds with envy. Not the bad kind, I love the thought that people travel and see the world. Hearing their stories warms my heart. It would be nice to stay in one place and experience that sort of life. It’s new and exciting in my eyes. Have you always lived in one spot?

Today I’m working on my book Genavine’s Faith. It’s nearly done. I’m psyched about that. I plan to go for a walk and get some fresh air, now only if the rain would pause. I don’t mind warm rain, but it’s been cold this year.

I hope you have a lovely Monday. I know most people don’t like this day but for me it shows I survived another week. It’s like seeing the sunrise each morning.


Unanswered Questions

I’m frequently asked questions, and being shy I tend to back off very quickly. I thought today was a good day to answer them. They are only basic get to know me topics but for some people, it’s difficult to step out of that shell.

What’s your name? Most people call me J or Rose but my friends call me JC.

What do you do for a living? I write fiction, full-time. I write clean romance with multiple subgenres.

Where are you from? Canada, right now I live in Powell River BC.

What’s unique about your writing style? I write more than one layer in a story. I’m also a poet so I add a poetic flair to my description.

What strategies do you use to prioritize tasks? Routine and a notebook, then I can visualize it.

Why did you choose the writing profession? I started out because of my accident. I needed a career where I didn’t have to be on my feet the entire day. Plus it allows me to work on my own hours instead of someone else’s.

What POV do you write in? 3rd person

What are some of the best ways to overcome writer’s block? I find fresh air helps and when all is lost create a music soundtrack for your WIP.

Tell me about a time you disagreed with someone’s feedback on your writing. I think the only time I ever disagree is when it’s an opinion. Everyone is entitled to them but you don’t need to change for someone else. An error is an error but an opinion is something everyone has.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday. It’s a day of rest & writing.

A Reason To Wake

I ask myself the same question, every day. What are you getting up for? The answer’s always the same. To walk the misguided path I’ve been given. It’s not perfect but the people I love are on it and they count on me. Together, we work on a dream we have in common.


The beach is the number one goal, it’s where I want to live, write and breathe for the rest of my life. Other goals I have are to open an animal sanctuary, a forever home for those who need it. I have seen too many strays and my heart breaks. I also want to help build a future for my autistic son, he’s pretty amazing!

What are some of your goals?

Someone I admire

Today I’m writing about someone who inspires me. Kimberly Moore is that person. She is a teacher, a writer and a friend. Her writing is spectacular, be sure to check out her blog.

She is a dedicated professional who wakes each morning to teach our children. Unfortunately, now with covid out there, it has become a dangerous job. Someday she will retire and become a full-time writer. That day, the world will lose an outstanding teacher and gain a wonderful author.

If you are on Twitter, give her a follow. Twitter username @Kimberlynwriter

Social Anxiety

Locked within

Living in a world

That’s just your own

Broken trust

Lingering panic

A secret desire

To walk this world

Forces of dark

Holding you back

Troubling breaths

A trapped heart

A journey of the mind

Hidden in a book

A lost soul

That no one knows

By J.Rose

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Friday July 16th

Good morning!
Life is grand; it doesn’t have to be perfect but waking with low anxiety is terrific. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen often! How are you today?

I’m writing today. Actually editing, but I want to write, and I hope I get a chance too. I am working on the last copy of Rain of the Wolves. I was only supposed to type it out, but as all you writers know, we can improve. So, I’m getting rid of tired words and playing with it as I go.

At first, I had extreme anxiety over the entire thing. I always preferred writing over editing. But, over time, I have learned to enjoy editing; go figure!

I might have anxiety, but it’s never over my writing. Writing to me is like a wave in the ocean, the sun in the sky and the moon among the stars. I love it! It calms me, making me feel as if I can breathe. This anxiety has been with me since I was young. I wasn’t always trapped in my house; there was a time when I hated going into my place. I felt unsafe Nature was the only thing that comforted me. I would spend all day out and about away from people enjoying the forest. That was before I began writing.

Do you find there are little things that bring comfort to your anxiety?

I do; without them, I might be lost. Music helps, sometimes I listen to songs in different languages it’s quite enjoyable. Sometimes it has no lyrics; I find it distracting when I’m writing. I like to listen to music and think about my books, whether I’m writing or just reading.

Tell me about something you do to relax.

Good morning! Thursday July 15th.

Good morning!

I woke today my anxiety was at a low. I received my second vaccine; I ended up with symptoms of the flu. My body felt like it was hit by a truck. My anxiety was at its highest point while trying to sleep. I listen to music (it’s how I fall asleep), and my head hurt. I couldn’t rest due to body pain; it was horrible.

Some people suffer that much body pain regularly; I feel for them.

How does your anxiety affect your writing?
Mine affects mine in different ways; it takes away time I can be writing. Sometimes I can’t pick up my laptop or my pen. It might seem silly, but anxiety and panic are never reasonable.

Most days, I can pick up my writing; it makes me feel good. I love being one with the story; I sometimes forget that anxiety exists. (that only happens when I’m writing)

I have a dog who is my best friend; he is also my emotional support dog. I love walking him, but he is patio trained too for when we are not in the country. I usually have a grassy garden box set up for him in the city. Though it is easy to get out in the country, he and I are one, walking like troupers.

When your anxiety hits and you are writing, does it ever affect what you write?


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Have a wonderful day

A quote from Tears of a Cowgirl

Title: Tears of a Cowgirl

Genre: Romantic suspense

length: 67000

Author: Jupiter Rose

Entangled in a dangerous web, she does everything she can to free herself. Her life’s in danger, and she’s running blind. Katherine sees Michael as just another threat, but he’s the one who will save her from herself. Without this city boy, their lives would never be the same, and with him, she gets a second chance at love.

“The sun was bright, and there was a gleam across the skyline that shimmered down upon the forest. The air was neither moist nor dry, which made it perfect for a relaxing day. Michael lived in LA mostly when he wasn’t travelling. It was sweltering there, but the air was a bit on the dry side. It is the kind of weather you don’t want to forget your suntan lotion in. He usually spent his winters in the Alps, but this year he thought it would be nice to write in the Colorado Mountains, Crash Falls, to be exact. Some folks back home had told him about the hiking and the beautiful views, creating the perfect painting within his mind. Crash Falls didn’t disappoint him, not one bit. Everything was perfect: especially Katherine Bell.

Michael stood, studying the view. He felt the inspiration rush through him. Everything about it spoke to him, talking about how glorious life was. Pulling out his recorder, he spoke into it as he thought of Katie.”

“Michael took a deep breath and continued down the path. He thought about writing a romance for his next book. Perhaps he would write about Katherine Bell; after all, she inspired his heart to beat.

Movement caught Michael’s attention; it was her. Katherine was out on one of the horses, riding the paths. Her hair flowing in the wind, and her body moving to the rhythm of the horse’s gallop. Michael’s heart pulsated hard. There was nothing sexier than a woman who was one with the earth. He stood breathless as she rode his way. What could he possibly say to a creature so beautiful?”

Excerpt From: Jupiter Rose. “Tears of a Cowgirl: Running from the devil.” iBooks. 

You were meant to shine

What do you notice when you look at this?

I see the colours of the rainbow, a miracle beneath the clouds. I see the earth thriving to live to its fullest and succeeding. I see a lesson at hand…with all the earth has to put up with it still shines. 

Don’t let anyone put out your fire, you were meant to shine!

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